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Have you ever had a dream of playing in the orchestra? And what would You say about having your own web site?
Now You can combine these two dreams. Having your own website and playing in the international team are both within your reach.
CelloHost.com gives You a unique opportunity to follow your dreams and have a real profit from it at the same time.
Create Your own website completely for free. Find bugs in our system and earn money that you can use to promote your page.

About Us

CelloHost.com is a first comercial operator of Jaaz Portal. A highly integrated web hosting and portal solution for average and unskilled users of social networks and bloggers.

Contact Details

Telephone:+48 600 019 091
Email: info@cellohost.com
Website: CelloHost.com

Become Beta Tester

  • Free website
  • 50 Euro on promotion
  • Up to 10 Euro per bug
  • Early access to new features