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If You have found a bug or want to receive technical help please contact us at support@jaaz.eu. You can also visit support page here

If You have any questions regarding this project please write an e-mail to info@cellohost.com

Spectrum Tower
ul. Twarda 18
00-105 Warszawa

You can also contact CelloHost.com Project Manager directly:

Adam Mrozik
e-mail: amrozik@cellohost.com
phone: +48 600 019 091

About Us

CelloHost.com is a first comercial operator of Jaaz Portal. A highly integrated web hosting and portal solution for average and unskilled users of social networks and bloggers.

Contact Details

Telephone:+48 600 019 091
Email: info@cellohost.com
Website: CelloHost.com

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  • Free website
  • 50 Euro on promotion
  • Up to 10 Euro per bug
  • Early access to new features